Sunday, December 21, 2008

ask Peter..

Today it is quit slow for me as i'm sitting on my desk and playing ask Peter on my Dell. I ask him lots of question. Future, past, present, and surprisingly he answered me well and positively nice feedback. Huh, look how bored i'am. But this one question i asked, made me smiley faces until end of January i guest. 'do i get my bonus this 28th?' Peter answered..'yes, for sure..' :)


Once again i didn't get the 1st chopper of the day, so i had to waste my time in the smoking room, back to the big screen samsung and have a nice coco crunch with low fat milk. I'm wandering, is it actually correct for a slimy and bony guy like me to have the low fat milk? Some says i should take the full cream milk so i can gain my body weight. Huh..but u people know how bad it taste. The full cream milk..ahhh...or it just me alone feel the sour and unpleasant taste that going through my throat.
Big F for it...yeah..stick with low fat..

The black Seiko on my wrist show it's already 1400 hours. I ran upstairs and asked the radio man when is my flight. I'm eager to step foot on the land as my Lucy was left alone in my house. Probably covered in dust then subside by the heavy rain. As my housemate in days off and the other guy maybe pleasuring himself in Soho right now, so no one would look after her.

Sikorsky arrived at last and as usual, to be extemporaneous across the breathtaking cloud in 50 minutes after 5 days of standby at the Semangkok :)


It's about a month since my last write. Many things came up in my little tiny brain. Nothing more important than my work right now. People outside there feel that it is nice and economic that the oil price is dropping every day. Joy and laughter carried away as they lift up the pump nozzle. Tears for me and fellow friends.

$42 per barrel. Oh dear. Fear and worried always besides me right now. This is what happened when you're stuck in this black gold industries. I'm not the big bosses neither the manager that everyday checking the dashboard everysec monitoring the crude oil price. I'm just the normal, average, kuli, and the dirty field guy. For this reason that my job would be at risk. It's logically and reasonably right for the company to cut the heads down. it's the time for the company.

What else could i do? work hard, sweat a lot, live in the HOTEL surrounded by the broad blue sea, or just close my eyes and act like nothing would happen.
Obviously i'll charge myself with the best effort i can to stay in this business rather than losing my Lucy because no bucks in me pants..hahahaa..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ride with the UDM....

Dear readers,

Yesterday i ran home fast after busy and exhausted dismantled the water break. Actually I can't wait to meet UDM members. I found his number in the BMWCM. Straightly i gave a call after knowing that he work within the same radius with me...

We met at the famous coffee house in kemaman. I'm the 1st to arrive and as usual, neskepe tarik was my drink as it already blend in my blood..and i heard an estonishing, vigourously and damn superb exhaust sound behind me.

I turn over and there you go..Mr Ajad with his legend and always be, an M3. There was clearly state behind his rear window, ' UDMowners club.' The Ultimate Driving Machine...After short and full of advice and info i got from him,we took a cigarette by the car. Then he offered me to take a little tour with his baby..I can't denied it and i just can't imagine how fast it will go. I can't imagine that i have the privileged to sit inside the car that was reviewed above 5 star around the globe. Even The Stig had drove it before.

Before i go deep about the greatest ride i had last night, i briefly jot a little thingy about this amazing ultimate driving machine...

The icon we're looking at today is the legendary and historic name in the automotive world, the M3. Before we go further, as a Beemer my self, I want to ask you readers, what is your driving theme song?

BMW always make great engines, they have been driving that point home every year for the past three years. The new BMW M3 Coupe, a model those 21 years ago created an entirely new segment for super high performance compact cars. In the past 2 decades and 3 previous generations, the M3 has proved a success on road and track. Originally powered by BMW's first 16-valve four cylinder engine and subsequently by 3.O liter and 3.2 liter power plants, BMW M3 engine took top category honors on a record 6 successive occasions in the Engine of the Year awards.

In profile, the new M3 Coupe features 18 inch double spoke light alloy wheels as standard, with a striking 19 inch wheel available as an option. Another BMW M trait, a side gill in the front wing, also includes the side direction indicator and the M3 logo. The BMW M3 Coupe gives ultimate driving pleasure with the most finest and comfortable interior that so luxurious for a sport car. Seating on the custom leather seat while your eyes would not turn from the unique and remarkable tachometer on the dashboard.

The M3 Coupe is a sport car in perfection and never the less, perfect your lifestyle. Really an incredible moment, and somewhat reminds me of the BMW engine is the theme song itself. Although the ride was with e21 M3, it still shivered me as i can't stop smiling and thinking that i ride along the road at almost 200km/h and seating on the nice leather seat and stunningly great interior.huhh.....

p/s - frantic fezza..bring out your z3 laaa...hahahaa..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Around the world....

truly nice...
i want to dance all day long...

Monday, November 3, 2008


simply, it is an anxiety disorder or fear of outside world..
have you guys ever felt this before..?
to be precise, you feel comfort and safer in your your 'home sweet home.'
have you guys ever felt this before..?
the critical part is when you sneak peek outside of your window even a small tiny, far away............sound detected by your cochlea.
this disorder may not be describe as an anxiety disorder if you just to have a nice glance of your precious car in your parking bay..that is just a fear of losing your ride.
as i'm saying this, i had suffer this before..afraid of outside world when i just happened to think that i might get kill if i'm going to work, going to have my dinner, going for a drink and even worse and most of the time because of think a further step ahead, ' i would be tired if i go out,better stay at money..etc etc...'

besides this, there are a lots of factor that may/will contribute to this fear..
love, enemy, debts, death, friends, pollution, low self confidence, shy, addicted,
junky, gamers, bookworm, tired, 24hours sleep, and you think.........

are you in the list above...?

under 30's

I have my own space

Don’t ask why

Fully grown is my asset

Always happy to the maximum

Move through the air with me

Don’t accuse I’m evil before knowing me

I know what I’m doing

But, you’ll never know

Freedom is needed for living

eat, drink, play….

or don’t do anything,

This is my intensity desire

But, in the end, there is sure a boundary

Keep that in your mind!!

p/s-under 25 to be exact!